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<30.6.19> Stuff I do for fun

It's been a few days since the last update, so I thought I'd write about some things I do in my free time, and things I wish to do in the coming weeks and  years.

I enjoy

  • Reading, especially on the topic of military history, true crime, and adventure.
    • Some of my favourite authours include Michael Crichton, Ray Bradbury, Ernst Junger, and Tanizaki Junichiro
  • Watching Films
    • I particularly enjoy Stanley Kubrick's works, but I enjoy a lot of unserious, just for fun type films too. I don't watch too many current films; today's political climate and sensibilities apparently aren't targetted towards people like myself.
  • Airsoft
    • I larp as a Russian Naval Infantyman, which is fun
  • Hiking
    • Nothing too serious - yet!

Things I hope to do in the near future

  • Hunting and shooting
    • It takes a couple of months to get a hunting license and a shotgun, and Japanese laws regarding firearms are draconian to say the least; perhaps if I move abroad it would be easier to partake.
  • Driving
    • I just WISH I could afford a car! Suzuki Altos seem like heaps of fun to drive in MT
  • Camping
    • I've got a tent but I've yet to go camping, which is a real shame. Hopefully I can go sometime this year.

That's about it I suppose, see you next time.

<27.6.19> This is an test update
Just testing what an update would look like 27.6.19
<26.5.19> Hello! This is my new website!
I've started my own website after all this time; here I'll be posting some of my views, documents, and other bits and bobs that may that may be of some interest to you. It's a side project of sorts so it won't look very pretty, but here's hoping! 25.6.19
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